What to do if you’ve been set up as a Key Contact
Follo is a fully automated walking safety app that uses technology to monitor its user’s device, until they safely reach their destination.
If unusual activity is detected during their journey that may indicate the user needs assistance, Follo will send a timed notification to their device checking in on them. If the user does not respond to confirm their safety by the end of the timer, SMS alerts containing their last recorded location are automatically sent to their Key Contacts.
Learn more about Follo’s innovative Safety Triggers
As a Key Contact you don’t need to do much at all...
You do not need to download Follo to receive alerts.
You do not need to monitor or track the user’s live location.
You will not be sent notifications whenever the user activates the app for a journey.
You will only be alerted if a Safety Trigger is activated and the user then doesn’t respond to the timed notification to confirm that they are safe.
Alerts are sent via SMS and contain:
1. The reason for the alert.
2. A What3Words link to the user’s location when the Safety Trigger was activated.
3. A link to guidance on how to respond.
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