So, you’ve received an SMS alert from Follo, what should you do now?
No need to panic but please do not ignore the message. There are a few reasons why a Safety Trigger may have been activated, some could be minor or accidental, however taking action as soon as possible is strongly recommended as the Follo user may need your assistance.
Firstly, we recommend that you try and contact the person as soon as possible, to find out if they’re safe. If you can’t reach them directly, then you could get in touch with other people in their social or familial circle who may be able to confirm their safety.
In the SMS message you were sent, we have provided the Follo user’s precise location at the time the alert was triggered, as well as the reason for it, so this could aid in locating them and coming to their assistance, if you choose to do so.
Following your attempts to contact and locate the Follo user, you may decide to contact the emergency services. The location link you have received is in the What3Words format, and this unique 3-word phrase corresponds to the precise 3m2 location where the Safety Trigger was activated. This phrase will be understood by the emergency services and makes communicating location information simple and exact.

If you believe that the person is missing, it may also be useful to know that, according to and, you don’t have to wait 24 hours before you report them missing to the police. They say, “As soon as you can’t find the person and you are worried for their safety and welfare, you can report them missing to the police.
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